A in HALT acronym represents anger
Mon Feb 07, 2022 · 138 words

The A in the HALT acronym represents anger.

Anger shouldn’t be suppressed. After all, it’s a healthy emotion.

The keys to addressing your anger are:

  1. Expressing your anger in a healthy way, so that you’re calm when addressing your anger.
  2. Understanding your anger triggers, so that you can address your anger before it starts.

While dealing with your anger trigger is probably the more lasting approach, you’ll first need to calm your anger.

You can do this physically e.g. exercising vigorously. Do not harm others.

You can dispel your anger creatively e.g. writing. Do not publish online e.g. on social media.

You can calm your anger through meditation.

You can talk through your anger with a friend. Do not choose a friend that’s part of what’s making you angry.

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