Ray Li

I’m a software engineer with diverse experience in designing, implementing and deploying .NET, Java and Python software applications. Specific expertise includes graduate level education in Computer Science and Bioinformatics. Strengths include a strong background in data analysis and software testing.

Highly Competent C++, C#, JavaScript, Linux, Python, Windows
Familiar/Past Competence ASP, ASP.NET, CSS, Java, MySQL, Oracle, R, Unix, XML
Formal/Self Education C, JSP, Perl, PHP, SQL Server, Win32 API, VB

Microsoft - Office

Senior Software Engineer (Apr-2014 - Present)

Designed and delivered C++ feature “AutoSave App-wide Setting” for Word, Excel and Powerpoint. This is used by tens thousands of customers every day to improve their AutoSave experience.

Delivered C++ feature “Encourage AutoSave Teaching UI” for Excel and Powerpoint. This is helping customers every day discover AutoSave.

Eliminated 2 of the top crashes affecting Word, Excel and Powerpoint due to reentrancy and request cancellation. This affected tens of thousands of customers every day and were 2 of the longest unsolved crashes.

Delivered JavaScript/KendoUI Validation Dashboard for signing off on monthly releases. This is used by management to assess the risk of a new monthly release.

Delivered C# tool to identify and eliminate top failing tests. This tool (and a process I developed) affects every engineer on File I/O by reducing the noise of flaky tests.

Delivered backdoor hybrid C++/C# lock API to enable Excel automation. This API is heavily used by engineers throughout Office to test locks.

Microsoft - Engineering Excellence

SDET 2 (Mar-2012 - Mar-2014)

Designed and delivered C# web service test solution. This allowed feature crew to gain confidence the new web service had parity with the old web service.

Designed and delivered C#/SQL Server test solution for verification of a file upload. This allowed the team to gain confidence over a broad set of real-life customer data.

Eliminated cascading failure and reliability issues in C# automated test suite. This gave the team confidence to rely on the test suite for end-to-end verification.

Delivered automated C#/PowerShell deployment framework bringing deployments from a few days to about 1 hour.

Microsoft - Health Solutions Group

SDET 2 (Jun-2010 - Feb-2012)

Delivered end-to-end testing of Quality Measurement Module (QMM).

Reduced execution time of C# test suite by 30% using binary caching strategy.

Designed and implemented message generator using C# to achieve 100% edge coverage of CMS state flow diagrams.

Delivered suite of PowerShell scripts to find 300+ bugs in look-up table implementation.

White Oak

Senior Computer Scientist (May-2009 - Jun-2010)

Achieved 3X speed increase for automated builds as well as increased reliability.

Improved testing of upload tool by building a PyUnit test automation framework.

Reviewed team’s testing procedures and suggested areas for improvement.

Mount Sinai Medical Center

Senior Programmer Analyst (Nov-2007 - Apr-2009)

Designed and delivered Tablet PC application using .NET C#, WinForms and NHibernate/MySQL collaborating across health professionals and IT.

I also launched the division’s first intranet clinical website.

Retained as consultant from April 2009 - July 2011.

Stony Brook Medical Center

Lead Programmer Analyst (Feb-2006 - Nov-2007)

Delivered multi-threaded Java application for use in the operating room using Java Swing and RMI.

Automated monitoring of over 20 Oracle 10G databases using Java, Python and PL/SQL.

Developed and implemented distributed architecture making heavy use of Oracle Streams.

LifeTree Technology

Software Developer/Project Manager (Feb-2001 - Feb-2006)

Promoted in 1 year to project manager in start-up environment.

Led migration of clinical trial web application to .NET platform using ASP.NET, C#, CSS, JavaScript and SQL Server.

Delivered Windows Service solution for DPAPI connection string encryption to address security vulnerability using ASP and C#.

Frequently recruited to resolve time-sensitive customer and production issues.


School Degree GPA
Johns Hopkins University MS in Bioinformatics 3.9
SUNY at Stony Brook BS/MS in Computer Science 3.8


Awarded runner-up at Long Island Software Awards (LISA) for Java desktop application.

Led migration to AJAX for Marine Biology JSP web application. Learned (almost overnight) Java-based DWR AJAX technology for integration into JSP application.

Built Debian-based Linux web server from scratch on a VPS hosted VM.

Selected from group of approximately 100 to develop Chemistry student-learning system (LUCID).

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