I blog to learn, teach and grow.

I love finding a problem, letting others know I’m going after it, iterating over various solutions (especially using data!) and then sitting back to see the problem solved (this is my high performance pattern).

Frequently, I’m not the only one encountering these problems, and so I share my solutions with you.

Ultimately, my hope is for you and I to be better every day.

You’ll usually find me learning better ways to wrangle data, becoming a better programmer and lifehacking.

My writing will undoubtedly evolve over time.

If you have a cool idea you’d like to see me get obsessed about, feel free to use the contact info below to reach out to me. I’m always open to new ideas, and I’ll usually get back to you soon.

The majority of my writing is now published on Hacker Bits.

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Ray Li is a software engineer and data enthusiast who has been blogging at hackerbits.com for over a decade. He loves to learn, teach and grow. You’ll usually find him wrangling data, programming and lifehacking.

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