Weekly incremental value
Sat Sep 19, 2020 · 201 words

A simple, repeatable system for doing great work on your team is to:

  1. Take a problem on your team.
  2. Work on it.
  3. Make it go away for your team.
  4. Ask for another problem.
  5. Then repeat steps 1-4.

I think this is a great system. It’s super simple, but simple doesn’t mean easy.

It’s made more difficult because there’s a thing missing…

How do you do those steps within the context of the problems and projects you work on?

Once you’ve got a problem or project (step 1), here’s a concrete system for working on it and making it go away (steps 2 and 3).

This is repeatable and works for me every time:

  1. Deliver incremental value.
  2. Do this every week.

This is prescriptive and incredibly actionable.

After a while, you’ll run out of things to do every week for the problem you’re working on.


You’ve made the problem go away. Now go ask for another one. :)

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