Deliver incremental value
Sat Sep 19, 2020 · 147 words

Delivering incremental value is the secret to supercharging your results.

Not only do people benefit from seeing the thing being delivered incrementally, you can also learn whether you’re heading in the right direction before investing too much.

In the world of software development, incremental value doesn’t have to be a commit (although that’s probably the best kind of value). It could be a demo-able prototype, a plan, documenting something, etc.

Brown bags are also great examples of incremental value.

While this doesn’t directly impact the customer, there’s frequently a bunch of learnings that you can share with the team.

The core idea is…

Constantly deliver value to someone who cares about the problem you’re solving. It might be the customer (a commit), a partner team (a timely update or commit), your lead (a plan) or your manager.

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