Wanna bet?
Fri Dec 04, 2020 · 130 words

Here are my key takeaways from chapter 2 of Annie Duke’s Thinking in Bets:

  1. Everything is a bet.
  2. Skill in life is learning to be better belief calibrator.
  3. Our default is to believe what we hear.
  4. We generally process information by altering our interpretation to fit our beliefs.
  5. Motivated reasoning is when a belief is lodged and remains unchallenged.
  6. Fake news is a planted false story that is meant to amplify existing beliefs.
  7. Disinformation has some truth with powerful spin.
  8. Being smarter, more aware or better with data doesn’t help overcome bias.
  9. View the world through lens of “wanna bet?”
  10. Communicating uncertainty advances knowledge and invites dialogue.

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