PyData Seattle 2015 – Simulation, PySpark and Deep Learning Tutorials

Space Needle

One month ago, I got an email from a colleague:

The subject of his email was a single word: PyData

The email had a single URL.

Intrigued, I clicked… and that’s when my adventure into PyData began.

In this post, I’m going to take you through 3 of the tutorials at PyData Seattle 2015: Simulation, PySpark and Deep Learning.

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PyCon 2010 Atlanta

PyCon 2010 was in Atlanta this year.  It wasn’t quite as warm as I hoped it would be, but definitely an improvement over the 2-3 feet of snow we got in the DC region.  I do feel a little smarter after attending PyCon, but also infinitely humbled by the creativity, energy, and raw intelligence in the Python community.  Here are some notes I took from the talks I attended…

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