I'm not eating well. How do I change?
Tue Aug 06, 2019 · 142 words

No energy to start your learning journey?

One of the easiest to overlook reasons is what you’re feeding your body.

What you eat is the fuel for your body. If you feed your body junky fuel, then your body suffers.

Let’s be honest though…

You’ve gotten this advice before. I’m not the first person saying that eating well is important for your body.

It’s not about convincing you to eat well. You already know that you should be eating well. The real question is why you’re not eating well and how to eat better.

How do you build habits to eat better so that you have a system for eating well?

How do you eat well by default rather than relying on your willpower or motivation?

Or maybe you want to see the other common reasons for lacking the energy to learn.

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