project java 2000
chemistry team

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application.gif Whether the lab is your second home or you're taking your first college Chemistry course, Chemistry is a difficult topic to grasp. This project you see before you is the first step towards a rapidly, distributable system for the Chemistry student as well as the teacher. The system is comprised of activities and tools for developing the Chemistry student's skills as a learner while learning introductory college Chemistry.

The system was designed to benefit both students and teachers. We hope students will find the course concepts easier to grasp as the subject literally comes to life. For teachers of Chemistry, we trust this will supplement the topics you wish to get across to your students.

This project represents our first step towards this course system. The product is an interactive Java application model for pressure-volume work. The model consists of a piston and cylinder, gaseous particles in motion, graphs, robust meters, and adjustable sliders to control several variables we made available to the user.

Check out the finished applet >>

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