Hacker Bits, Sep 2016 Issue

Hacker Bits, Sep 2016 Issue

Welcome to the September issue of Hacker Bits! We hope you’ve had an awesome summer!

In this issue of Hacker Bits, we are so thrilled to bring you Tim O’Reilly, who tells us all about the future of work and why we shouldn’t fear technology. You can check out the details for an event that explores the same topic at Tim’s The Next Economy Summit.

And in the most highly-upvoted article, industry veteran Derek Sivers has some wise advice for those looking to give constructive feedback.

Also, as part of our design revamp, the magazine now features a consistent layout for every article, which we hope would improve readability, especially for those of you who read on mobile devices. Let us know if it’s working for you…

Check out the new issue.

Enjoy the much cooler weather!

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