Hacker Bits, Nov 2016 Issue

Hacker Bits Cover, November 2016

What if working less actually increases productivity?

Itamar Turner-Trauring makes the case for working less in this month’s most highly-upvoted article.

Are you an old geek? Are twenty-something co-workers making you feel over the hill?

If you’ve ever been told that your age makes you a “poor cultural fit” for a company, then don’t miss IT veteran Tim Bray’s insightful article on Silicon Valley’s rampant ageism.

Entrepreneur John Wheeler also has an excellent follow-up article and solution for all old geeks out there. Check it out: oldgeekjobs.com.

We are also thrilled to have the creator of SQLite, Dr. Richard Hipp, break down the pros and cons of SQLite for us.

Lastly, a big welcome to our new subscribers! Thanks for reading Hacker Bits and remember, we are always here to help you learn more, read less and stay current!

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