Hacker Bits, Issue 14

Hacker Bits, Issue 14 Cover

Welcome to issue 14 of Hacker Bits!

You gave us feedback, and we’re making some adjustments to Hacker Bits.

What we’re hearing is that the 3 key themes continue to be:

  1. Learning more
  2. Working less
  3. Staying current

Additionally, Hacker Bits will move towards an email magazine/newsletter format.

Although you love the content of the magazine, you found the PDF/Yumpu format too heavyweight. We get it. With a busy professional or student life, there’s too much friction to open up the magazine.

Also, there’s content that you’d love to see in the magazine (e.g. technology + societal impact, more C/C++) that aren’t featured.

With our new newsletter format, we hope to better serve you. If you have a few minutes, please let us know what you think.

Click here: Hacker Bits, Issue 14

PS: Thank you for all the feedback, and special thanks to Ariz, John B., Zlatin, Rik and Srinath for their very detailed responses! 🙂

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