3×3 automated budget system

3x3 automated budget system

The 3×3 system is based on a simple idea:

Budgeting shouldn’t be painful or something you do every day. Budgeting is a special event that you setup once. With this system in place, you can pay bills on time, spend money worry-free and reach your financial goals.

Data analysis example – Broken link checking

Data analysis example

Learning R is easier if you can apply it to a real-world problem. Broken links are a problem for anyone who owns or maintains their own website. In this video series, I’ll step through an analysis of a broken links dataset using R.

Installing R and RStudio

Installing R and RStudio

I’m building a free online resource for R on top of my personal blog over at EverydayR.com. The basic idea is to share, learn and explore R together. Hopefully, we’ll both come out better. :)

Broken link checker analysis with R

Link CheckerYou’ve found a few broken links on your blog or web site, and now you wonder whether there are more. Here’s a quick way to get a sense of how big the problem is.

Newborn app using Twitter and R

BabySo you want to track your baby’s feedings and dirty diapers? Most digital solutions for newborn feeding trackers are either pricey or don’t make it easy for more than one person recording the feedings. I put together a convenient solution with minimal investment.

OAuth Explained

oauthWhat is OAuth? What is the purpose of it? How does it work? Example?