Hacker Bits, Aug 2016 Issue

Hacker Bits Cover, August 2016

As we near the dog days of summer, we can’t think of anything more restorative than catching up on our reading with a tall glass of iced tea. And if you are looking for something worthwhile to read, don’t miss Cody Littlewood’s My first 10 minutes on a server, an essential primer for anyone looking to secure Ubuntu.

Speaking of summer reading, some of you have written to tell us that you’d love to see more data-related articles…well, consider that done! We’ll be bringing you lots of informative data-related pieces in the future, so stay tuned!

Before we sign off (and get back to our iced tea), we’d like to give a big shout-out to our new subscribers (we’re looking at you, fans of DevMastery)! Welcome and we hope you like what you see at Hacker Bits.

Our mission at Hacker Bits is to help our readers learn more, read less and stay current, so feel free to let us know how we can do it better!

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Hacker Bits, Jul 2016 Issue

Hacker Bits Cover July 2016

Lately, we’ve been thinking a lot about free will. Do we have it? Do we want it? Is technology freeing? Or does it simply give you a menu to choose from?

In this issue’s most highly upvoted story, Google’s Design Ethicist Tristan Harris shows us the sneaky ways tech companies manipulate us and the true cost of social media.

Speaking of being social, we love reading mail from you, our readers, and more than a few of you have told us how busy your lives are, and what a challenge it is staying current on technology.

We totally get it and that’s why we are simplifying the magazine and focusing only on the essential. Learn more, read less and stay current. 

So enjoy another issue by our top-notch contributors and feel free to tell us what you think of the magazine!

Hacker Bits, Jun 2016 Issue

Hacker Bits, June 2016

Can it really be June already?! Time does indeed fly…just ask Adrian Kosmaczewski who shows us how to navigate an industry littered with forgotten technologies and has-beens. Find out more in his blast-through-the-past account of “Life as a developer after 40.”

Curious about Progressive Web Apps? Then don’t miss this issue’s interview with Henrik Joreteg, expert on all things PWA, who gives us the lowdown on this exciting new mobile technology.

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Hacker Bits, May 2016 Issue

Hacker Bits, May 2016 Issue

Life as a tech professional ain’t easy…

I know because y’all wrote in to Hacker Bits! Among the top issues were keeping up with the onslaught of new technology and maintaining work-life balance. But have no fear… 🙂

In this issue of Hacker Bits, we chat with John Sonmez on how tech professionals can become better at their jobs and lead rich, fulfilled lives.

Hint: The trick is learning to learn.

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Hacker Bits, Mar 2016 Issue

Hacker Bits, Mar 2016

Wow! What a month! We just put the finishing touches on the March 2016 issue of Hacker Bits.

The issue line-up is a great mix of startups, programming bits, opinion pieces topped off with a DIY camera article!

A ton has happened since the February issue.

Read on for the latest issue and all the changes we’ve made…

21 better ways to read Hacker News – which is your favorite?

21 better ways to read Hacker News

Hacker News is one of my favorite sites to catch up on technology and startup news, but navigating the minimalistic site can sometimes be a little ahem tedious.

No, I get it, simple is good.

But the all text interface can be taxing on the eyes when there are tons of links to scroll through.

If you’re hankering for a better way to read the posts on Hacker News (especially on an IPhone or other mobile device), here’s a roundup of 21 better ways to read Hacker News without the eyestrain.

Hacker Bits, Feb 2016 Issue

Hacker Bits, Feb 2016

UPDATE (Jan-28): We got a number of emails about a physical print edition — we’ve published Hacker Bits on MagCloud to now offer a print edition!

We (Maureen and I) are launching hackerbits.com.

Hacker Bits is a curated collection of the most popular articles on Hacker News — a social news website widely considered among programmers and startup founders to be the best of its kind.

Every month, we select from the top voted articles and publish them in magazine format.

Read on for how to get the latest issue and the articles!

Coursera Machine Learning review

Machine Learning - Stanford University

If you want to get the lowdown on Coursera’s Machine Learning course in one place, then you’ll LOVE this review.

Just curious about machine learning or this course, you’ll love this review, too! 🙂

I personally took the course and reviewed the course structure, logistics, assignments and much more.

Check it out!