Non-photorealistic volume rendering with stippling

Stippled EngineMy objective is to implement the stipple rendering engine so that volume data sets could be rendered with stipples. The original goal was to get the basic stippling engine functioning and then add the various feature enhancements. As it turns out, the silhouette curves is more interesting and adds a lot of detail to the rendered image. My implementation includes two feature enhancements: boundary enhancement and silhouette enhancement. In addition, silhouette curves is implemented.

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Search for visually selected text in Vim

I wrote a Vim script to do visual searches.  Directly from the Vim Todo list:

For Visual mode: Command to do a search for the string in the marked area.  Only when less than two lines. Use “g/” and “g?”.

In other words, a way to search for visually selected text !!  It’s available here. With tip 171, you can select some text, then press a key to search for the next occurrence of the text.

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Deleting a Vim buffer without closing the window

I’m not sure if this functionality is already within Vim, but I sometimes I find it useful to keep a split window from closing when deleting a buffer. This has already been discussed on the vim AT mailing list. However, I feel this solution is a little easier to use.  It’s available here. “Given enough eyeballs, all bugs are shallow…  many Vim users have improved upon  my script in tip 165.

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