3×3 automated budget system

3x3 automated budget system

The 3×3 system is based on a simple idea:

Budgeting shouldn’t be painful or something you do every day. Budgeting is a special event that you setup once. With this system in place, you can pay bills on time, spend money worry-free and reach your financial goals.

How to hang an IKEA mirror (Stockholm)

IKEA Stockholm mirror

The IKEA Stockholm mirror has 2 little eyelets on the back off to the left and right. One way to hang the mirror is to measure the distance between the eyelets and put nails/screws precisely lined up with the eyelets. This seems like a recipe for lots of mistakes. I found another solution.

What is a-GPS?

Assisted GPS is used by most mobile phone devices. It can help improve GPS in poor signal conditions. But what is it? How does it work?

How to block phone numbers on Windows Phone

You own a Windows Phone 7, and you’d like to ignore calls from certain numbers. There’s no need for MarketPlace Apps or special hacks. Read on to configure this easily.

What is the difference between rain and showers?

What is the difference between rain and showers?

Since moving to the Seattle area, rain and showers have become a bigger part of my life. Rain, rain showers, showers, isolated showers, scattered showers, snow showers, drizzle… but what the heck is the difference?