Blocking faults vs. masking faults

Language and semantics around system faults are important. For example, what’s so important about differentiating between blocking and masking faults?

Octopus Deployment Framework: A few flaws

Although the Octopus Deployment Framework is an awesome tool, it has a couple of flaws that frustrate me. Here are a few of the issues that I think would greatly improve the framework.

Octopus component dependencies

Octopus allows you to define both intra- and inter-server dependencies. This is one of the coolest things about Octopus. However, defining dependencies is not without problems.

Expected values in software testing

Expected  values are valuable in statistics and in software testing. However, they generally mean different things. How do they differ, and how can one be applied to the other?

Monty Hall and Software Testing

The Monty Hall problem can be applied to software testing! The problem crystallizes a key component of software testing… asking the right questions.

Binomial coefficients and software testing

Binomial coefficients can be used in software testing! They are already used in mathematics, statistics and combinatorics. Let’s see how they can be applied while testing software.