Hacker Bits, Feb 2016 Issue

Hacker Bits, Feb 2016

UPDATE (Jan-28): We got a number of emails about a physical print edition — we’ve published Hacker Bits on MagCloud to now offer a print edition!

We (Maureen and I) are launching hackerbits.com.

Hacker Bits is a curated collection of the most popular articles on Hacker News – a social news website widely considered among programmers and startup founders to be the best of its kind.

Every month, we select from the top voted articles and publish them in magazine format.

Read on for how to get the latest issue and the articles!

Coursera Machine Learning review

Machine Learning - Stanford University

If you want to get the lowdown on Coursera’s Machine Learning course in one place, then you’ll LOVE this review.

Just curious about machine learning or this course, you’ll love this review, too! :)

I personally took the course and reviewed the course structure, logistics, assignments and much more.

Check it out!

Top 10 data mining algorithms in plain R

Top 10 data mining algorithms in plain R

Knowing the top 10 most influential data mining algorithms is awesome.

Knowing how to USE the top 10 data mining algorithms in R is even more awesome.

That’s when you can slap a big ol’ “S” on your chest…

…because you’ll be unstoppable!

Today, I’m going to take you step-by-step through how to use each of the top 10 most influential data mining algorithms as voted on by 3 separate panels in this survey paper.

By the end of this post…

You’ll have 10 insanely actionable data mining superpowers that you’ll be able to use right away.

Top 10 data mining algorithms in plain English

Top 10 Data Mining Algorithms

Today, I’m going to explain in plain English the top 10 most influential data mining algorithms as voted on by 3 separate panels in this survey paper.

Once you know what they are, how they work, what they do and where you can find them, my hope is you’ll have this blog post as a springboard to learn even more about data mining.

What are we waiting for? Let’s get started!

History of data mining

History of Data Mining

Data mining is everywhere, but its story starts many years before Moneyball and Edward Snowden. The following are major milestones and “firsts” in the history of data mining plus how it’s evolved and blended with data science and big data.

7 habits of highly effective data analysis

7 habits of highly effective data analysis

Highly effective data analysis isn’t learned overnight, but it can be learned faster. Here are 7 habits of data analysis I wish someone told me for effectively incorporating, communicating and investing in data analysis geared towards an engineering team.

3×3 automated budget system

3x3 automated budget system

The 3×3 system is based on a simple idea:

Budgeting shouldn’t be painful or something you do every day. Budgeting is a special event that you setup once. With this system in place, you can pay bills on time, spend money worry-free and reach your financial goals.

Data analysis example – Broken link checking

Data analysis example

Learning R is easier if you can apply it to a real-world problem. Broken links are a problem for anyone who owns or maintains their own website. In this video series, I’ll step through an analysis of a broken links dataset using R.

Installing R and RStudio

Installing R and RStudio

I’m building a free online resource for R on top of my personal blog over at EverydayR.com. The basic idea is to share, learn and explore R together. Hopefully, we’ll both come out better. :)